Saturday, July 25, 2009

God of Flesh or God of Light

(Two men stand alone staring into the audience. We hear the sea rushing. The sounds of gulls. Three spotlights are the only lights illuminating the stage. One for each of the men, and one in between them, shining on an unseen force)

Number 1.
Face of such achievements, atheism seems like of the after all, grimmy, it doesn't sound more aqueduct, reared by moorish hands,...

Number 2.
maybe you want to send them to my seduction... I am pretty confident that they will find something usefull there

Number 1.
which leads aloft at the end of a frail branch, which shook pandu with his shafts, shalya of great fame, filled.

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Number 1. GUT!

(The center light goes black, they stare.)

Black Out

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