Saturday, July 25, 2009

Do you suppose the blog is the thing...

(Lights up on Enry and Kirin. Sitting in a room of computers)

Enry. Excellent blog, nice post.

Kirin. Very usefull. Thanks!

Enry. I love the contents and thoughts. Keep writing.. I am so proud to vote for this beautiful blog. I VOTED FOR YOU!

Kirin. Tell them to check out my blog, they might find, just what they need.

I recommend your blog to many of my friends. They too Voting for this blog. I hope you will grace me with your precious Vote.

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Enry. Just copy this link to your browser

(They sit in silence. A lone computer shuts down and immediately we hear it boot back up. They sit and stare. Lights black out except one, shining on Enry's computer and we see nothing but a green cursor.)

Black Out

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