Saturday, July 25, 2009

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(Three men sit around a toaster oven, they stare and suddenly look up and begin rapidly talking to one another)

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(Silence. They stare. The sun sets)

Black Out

God of Flesh or God of Light

(Two men stand alone staring into the audience. We hear the sea rushing. The sounds of gulls. Three spotlights are the only lights illuminating the stage. One for each of the men, and one in between them, shining on an unseen force)

Number 1.
Face of such achievements, atheism seems like of the after all, grimmy, it doesn't sound more aqueduct, reared by moorish hands,...

Number 2.
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Number 1.
which leads aloft at the end of a frail branch, which shook pandu with his shafts, shalya of great fame, filled.

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(The center light goes black, they stare.)

Black Out

Think Spamson! Think for the men!

(We see a lone man on stage wearing battle gear from a world war one battle. He has a bruise under his right eye, and a tattered leather strap hanging off his shoulder.)

The wet sand. He struggled to his feet quickly, the general
results of the institute's policy. Megan's twenty, isn't
she? Oh, yes, yes. But of vessels had not been provisioned
but the women her to herself, he said, softly, to the latter,.Indeed worthy to figure in the stables of the for them, i came nearer to her. You filthy bitch! Goodby with a mumbled word, a harsh handshake, and the meat cut like square dice, and serve it to a strange countycountry i should sayaway from.

(A man emerges from the audience and slowly walks on stage toward Spamson. He is old, and smells like death)

Old Man. To an incredible degree, his only ambition was him, and yet,
in the hands of this american lay the camp where i had left
my men in charge of me. Did i not see you last night in
the hostelrie a positive light appeared to issue from fezziwigs.

Black Out

Do you suppose the blog is the thing...

(Lights up on Enry and Kirin. Sitting in a room of computers)

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(They sit in silence. A lone computer shuts down and immediately we hear it boot back up. They sit and stare. Lights black out except one, shining on Enry's computer and we see nothing but a green cursor.)

Black Out